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The traditions and spirit shared by the students, alumni, and friends of the university have created a demand for products that display the marks, symbols, and insignia that are associated with the University of Central Florida.

Responding to this demand with a strong belief in the need to positively promote and protect its trademark rights, UCF has created a Trademark Licensing Program. Through this program, UCF protects and enhances its reputation by assuring that its trademarks appear only on quality products with minimal liabilities to both UCF and purchasers of these products.

Whether the purpose is to promote an organization/event, raise money for charity, or sell/resell, all items produced using the trademarks of the university must be approved by University Licensing and may be subject to royalty fees.  Royalties may not be required for items produced for internal consumption or UCF promotional use only (not for resale).  Visit the Students & Departments page for more details.

The University of Central Florida has contracted with The Collegiate Licensing Corporation (CLC) as its licensing agent for the university's trademarks, service marks, trade names, designs, logos, seals, and symbols.


» Students, Faculty and Staff looking for information about using university trademarks and logos should start here.

» Looking to submit a design for approval or royalty fee waiver? That form is here.

» Looking for licensed vendors or interested in becoming a licensed vendor? Start at the Resources page.

» Are you a Florida craftsperson looking to make cool items with UCF logos? Start at the Crafter's License page.

» Not sure where to start? Try the Frequently Asked Questions.

» Questions about trademark licensing? Use the Contact Us form or call Sue Gonzalez at 407-823-3539.


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